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The Team


Tadeo Reyes 

Proprietor  I  Developer  I  Photographer 

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Born in Mexico City, raised in Kentucky, he fell in love with capturing moments in time. Photos and videos carry a significant weight whether it uplifts your spirit or motivates you, it's something he exemplifies in his craft. From Sony Vegas to graphic designs, the skill set in multiple programs makes him versatile for any situation. 



Samuel Jackson

Co-Owner  I  Videographer   I  Photographer 

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Samuel is a lifestyle photographer and videographer who values the power of stories and the moments  in-between that shape us. Raised in Kentucky, he travels anywhere to get the job done. His unique curiosity to capture differentiating perspectives drives an adventurous curiosity that complements his storytelling.

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Fred Siegelman

Photographer  I  Videographer  I  Editor

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From Versailles, Kentucky with a style that intersects photography with psychology. He is inspired by others who are open to new experiences and showcasing their creative talents. Ultimately, he looks forward to working and creating with individuals that want to highlight their personality and uniqueness. 

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