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Makeup Artist // Model

Hey! My name is Leslie Pena, born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky. I am 21 years old also a Capricorn! I’ve been doing makeup for the last 4 years and I am very passionate about it. I love love glitter and anything colorful and sparkly! I am also majoring in elementary education.

Age: 23.
Ethnicity: Mexican.
Occupation: I currently work at Ulta Beauty and have been for the past 2 years.
Aspiration: An aspiration of mine is to become an elementary teacher where I attended elementary school. They inspired me to become a teacher.
Makeup makes me feel more beautiful and I want to deliver that to others so they get the chance to feel as beautiful as they look!

Accomplishments: I got promoted at work to a prestige beauty advisor. I get to be more hands-on with makeup and customers. I get to share what I know and give more knowledge.

Fun Fact: I have a phobia of cats.


Hair Styling




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