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Model // Fashion Adviser

The name is gentille and I’m a 27 year old Burundian living in the states. Currently I’m in school pursuing a career in law but on my off times, I love fashion, reading, food and anything art. 

Age: 27.
Ethnicity: Burundian.
Occupation: Student and Modeling.
Aspiration: My aspirations in life are to create an orphanage dedicated to helping children get an education they otherwise wouldn’t and also get the love and family bond they lack. I don’t believe in creating lists of accomplishments simply because everything we do in life as small as waking up and eating and doing the best we can is an accomplishment of its own, and therefore I’ve accomplished a lot in life that I’m happy and proud of.

Fun Fact: I’ve had more than 5 poems published in a book from when I was in college under a different name.


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